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Adding Calendar Table in Power Pivot

The calendar table is an essential aspect of robust data modeling. Previous articles explain how to create a calendar or a date table using DAX measures and Power Query.

This article covers how simple it is to create a calendar table in Power Pivot.

Adding a Calendar Table in Power Pivot

In the Power Pivot Data Model > Design > Date Table > New

It adds a table in the data model (table name: Calendar):

The first column in the table Date is equivalent to the CALENDARAUTO function. The values of this column change according to the date columns in the data model. It considers all the date columns present in the model and creates the range of dates in the column.

The rest of the columns in the table are calculated columns. We can modify them as per our requirement.

Changed the formula for the Month column

This formula helps in getting the month column in date format instead of text format

Connecting with the fact tables

Switch to the Diagram view

Home > Diagram View

And establish the relationship with the relevant data tables

And we are all set to write measures for data modeling


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