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Chapter 4: The lesson & the resolution

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Without any doubts, Megha was a significant influencer kickstart my travel. Megha Dhir was my supervisor at work during that time. Along with her husband, they had made quite extensive trips in the Himalayan region. Her day at work used to start with a black coffee along with a couple of Wills Ultra mild. And I used to give her company, though I neither drink coffee or smoke. For the first few days, our discussion was around work. Gradually, she started sharing her traveling experiences with her husband, Nishant. Her stories were so impressive that I regarded her as my mentor for all traveling tips. I always used to turn to her for suggestions on planning for any trip. Even before this trip, we both had healthy discussions on prepping ourselves.

When we returned from the trip, and I joined office on Monday, Megha and I went for our customary coffee break.

Megha (enthusiastic tone): So, how was your trip?

Me: Yeah, it was great!

Megha (enthusiastic tone continued): Congrats! Finally, you guys have become motorcycle riders.

Me (with a sheepish smile): Oh, we couldn't go on our motorcycle.

Megha (with disappointment): What?! Why? How? You said that you guys are going to travel by motorcycle. You had prepared so much, bought riding gears, saddlebag, shoes, and whatnot. What happened?

Me (little embarrassed): It rained when we started our journey. Hence we couldn't continue as we were thoroughly drenched.

Megha (now surprised and intrigued): Why didn't you use rain gears?

Me: Never purchased it. I thought rain would be the last thing to expect in the Indian summers.

Megha (with disappointment): That's the thumb rule of being a biker. It can rain anytime. I thought Nishant would have advised you to buy right rain gear. I was so much looking forward to this conversation. I thought you will have lots of stories to tell.

Me: Yeah, me too. But I can tell our experience of 10 kilometers. It was full of adventures :P

So, our last trip ended with mixed results. We did river rafting in the Ganges. And I overcame the fear of water. But we couldn't upgrade ourselves to motorcycle travelers, even after an honest attempt. And I guess that's how life is. It doesn't care much about your spirit and honesty, but the readiness to get things done! Somewhat a bitter pill to swallow.

We were down but not out. We decided to up the stakes and next time will be better prepared for a tougher trip.

We will go to the Himalayas on the motorcycle!

That's Megha with her husband, Nishant... on one of her trip to Ladakh

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