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"Count your blessings"

Do you get overwhelmed by the never-ending "To Do" list?

A couple of years ago, I was working on an analysis project. I had presented a case to improve the customer satisfaction score of a program. The client used the Lickert scale (1 to 5), where 1 represents poor experience, and 5 is for best.

Till that time, it was in practice that the program was measuring bottom 2 boxes ( B2B). The objective was to reduce the % contribution of surveys with ratings 1 & 2. The recommendation was to change the approach and measure the % contribution of surveys with ratings 5. Everyone in the room collectively accepted the idea.

While I presented the case supported with data, the underlying thought process was a very famous saying:

"Where the focus goes, energy flows."

With a similar thought, we should measure "I did" by the end of the day instead of just looking at the pending items from the "To Do" list. The idea is simple and quite effective. Create a list of "I did". As soon as we are done with any action item in the "To Do" , move it to "I did". Studies show that writing down our accomplishments (big & small) each day transforms how we feel and perform.

Through this small update in my daily activity, I have gained more than I had imagined. The sense of achievement is stronger than before, and it keeps me motivated to maintain the momentum.

We can create such "I did" list using apps like OneNote, Evernote, email or traditional pen and paper. It might look like an additional task, but it is about transformation. Acknowledging our accomplishments at the end of each day makes me look forward to tomorrow.

"Count your blessings."