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Excel QuickBytes # 2 – Keyboard Shortcuts

Flashback: the year 2006.

I was the latest entrant in the MIS team. While I was handy with basic excel formulas, I did not know much of the keyboard shortcuts. My supervisor at that time was quite adept with them, and I used to admire the way his fingers used to run on the keyboard, smoothly. It looked graceful. And above all, he was way too efficient than others as he used to maintain his rhythm by keeping his fingers on the keyboard and using the mouse as less as possible. This inspired me to find keyboard shortcuts for all the activities we perform on Excel by using a mouse. Internet was not very rich at that time, so I had to figure out quite a few on my own. And eventually, I brought myself to that level when my colleagues used to make fun of me by saying why I am wasting IT resources by keeping the mouse idle.

Years passed and I eventually moved to the laptop and migrated to a different role where my excel usage declined. Both had a combined effect of reducing the keyboard shortcuts I used, but there were few which remained my favorite and I continue finding them useful even today. With that said, I created the video to share the list of those keyboard shortcuts:

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