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How to update Power BI Data Source Settings?

There are times when the existing Power BI report requires a change in the data source setting. It could be due to moving the report from the development environment to the production environment, or at times update in the existing data source folder settings.

Identifying the Data Source Setting

Power BI Desktop:

Home > Transform Data > Data Source Settings

Or, File > Options and Settings > Data Source Settings

Power Query:

Home > Data Source Settings

All the above options open the following Data Source Settings window

This option shows all the files, databases, or connections with the existing data model.

Updating Data Source

Click > Change Source > & Update the Folder Path > Click Ok

Using Power Query Advanced Editor

Update the file location defined under Source

Tip: Copy File Location

Go to the file or folder location using Windows Explorer > Copy the content in the address bar > Paste it wherever required


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