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Presenting with Bookmarks: Power BI

PowerPoint presentations have been a norm for presenting any analysis. We create slides that contain visuals and observations supporting the visuals. We can do something similar in Power BI by using bookmarks.

It involves a combination of configuring a bookmark and using selection pane to show and hide visuals. Please refer to the following articles for more details:

Setting up the page

For this exercise, we have set up the page using Q&A visuals:

Using Q&A visual, we can get multiple visuals within one visual:

And we have used another Power BI elements: Text Box, to insert comments

And we have also used a feature called Spotlight:

As the name suggests, the Spotlight puts focus on the visual while the rest other visuals are in the background:

Configuring & Grouping Bookmarks

We have configured four bookmarks for our presentation:

Group these four bookmarks as one, as it helps during the presentation:

Multi-select the bookmarks using CTRL key

Options > Group

Rename the group

Presenting with Bookmarks

Select the first bookmark > View

The Power BI Report view changes to the presentation mode:

Using the navigation arrow keys, we navigate from one bookmark to another:

On Power BI Service, we can access these bookmarks under Report Bookmarks:

Presenting with bookmarks in Power BI may not be as sophisticated as a typical PowerPoint presentation. Still, it is a useful feature, especially when we present a quick analysis or findings.


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