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Power Query QuickBytes#1: Replacing VLOOKUP with Merge Queries

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

VLOOKUP has been one of the popular and useful formulae in Excel. In my multiple training experiences, it has been one of the top 5 training expectations from the participants. And in my consultation experiences, I have seen people struggling with VLOOKUP as:

a) One has to work with multiple data tables to get relevant information

b) They lack required expertise on the formula

So, when I thought of creating training videos on Power Query, I couldn't think of anything better topic to start with.

Power Query was introduced with Excel 2010. A lesser known feature of MS Excel, but very powerful (hence earning the adjective “Power”) when it comes to data modification and transformations.


1. The entire exercise can be completed with mouse clicks and no need to spend time in understanding four different segments of the VLOOKUP formula

2. The matching column in the source or lookup table need not be the first column of the lookup table (as it is required in VLOOKUP formula)

3. One can add multiple columns at one go from the lookup table instead of applying VLOOKUP formula multiple times

QuickBytes is an endeavor to share tips and tricks of the tool to improve efficiency. While my objective is to keep posting at a regular interval, any feedback will be helpful to improve the content and the quality of QuickBytes.

Download the sample file from:

File Name: Sample Data 2

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