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Searchable Drop-down in PowerApps

While working on a Power Apps project, a client came with a request: can we have a search option within the drop-down? Users should not scroll to find the item in the list but instead, type and search for the item.

The default drop-down option in Power Apps does not offer any search option. In this scenario, we can use another version of drop-down: Combo Box

By default, a combo box helps in multiple selections, but we can use it by making some changes in the properties.

Combo Box Setting#1

IsSearchable = true

Combo Box Setting#2

SelectMultiple = false

Combo Box Setting#3 (Optional)

SelectionTagFill = blank

InputTextPlaceholder = Define what to be displayed in the dropdown

Rest, all the settings remain unchanged from setting up a drop-down in Power Apps.


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