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SWITCH DAX measures in Power Pivot

We have seen how to configure dynamic measure selection using DAX measures in Power BI desktop:

This article explains how to replicate this in Power Pivot. All the steps mentioned in the previous article are applicable here. Let us quickly walk through the steps:

Download Sample File

Step 1: Creating a Support Table containing DAX Measures List

Tip: Assign appropriate table name

Add the table to the data model:

Step 2: Add DAX measures using SWITCH

Default Measure Selection = MIN(MeasureTable[Index])

Measure Switch
	[Default Measure Selection],
	1,[Orders by Ship Date],
	2,[Returned Orders],
	3,FORMAT([Returned Sales Amt],"0,0.0"),
	4,FORMAT([Sales Amount],"0,0.0"),
	5,[Total Orders]

Step 3: Add a Slicer in the Pivot Table for Measure Name

Add a slicer with the Measure Name column.

Ensure one item is selected in slicer before we add the DAX measure in the Pivot.

Step 4: Add the DAX measure in the Pivot

And that is it!


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