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Top 3 features in September 2020 Power BI Desktop release

I am a fan of data visualization. After a long time, the Power BI team has released a few significant updates related to standard visualizations available in Power BI Desktop. This article highlights three such features.

Grand Total in Stacked Charts

Stack charts help in displaying results by multiple dimensions in a visual.

The challenge had been with the visual that it could show the values by segment, but we can’t see the total

With this release, we can now display the total

It also adds the total in the tooltip:

Perform Arithmetic Operations in Q&A visual

Q&A visual is quite intuitive as we can ask questions in natural language, and it returns results. I have explained these features in detail in the following articles:

In this update, we can perform an arithmetic operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) in the Q&A visual. For example, if I want to check what is 25% of my total revenue quickly, I can use the Q&A visual to get the answer:

In this case, Revenue is a measure.

We can perform arithmetic operations on measures as well:

It follows the BODMAS rule

Get Insights from Smart Narrative

Want to get the insights from a visual quickly?

It is a two-step process now: Right-click > Summarize

We can add this as a visual, and it provides a summary of all visuals present in the page.

It is the latest visual in the arsenal, and currently is a preview feature

Visit the link below for more details on Smart Narrative:


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