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Traveling - The best teacher I have ever met (Prologue)

Updated: May 22, 2019

Till 2013, I had been living a usual & normal life. I had a job but no ambitions which can define me as a person. A life with no friends and no adventures. I did not know how to face challenges in foreign situations, how to keep going even when things are not in favor, how to survive with limited resources, how to stay focused even though the survival is at stake, how to see life from different perspectives and enjoy every moment I can. I know how to pass the time but did not know how to create memories. I had no real learning.

Then I met a girl and we both clicked for some unknown reasons. We both had a similar state of mind and we both wanted to break free. We both wanted to experience life, first hand. We both wanted to learn, but not in classrooms made up of four walls.

So our journey began in November 2013 and what a roller coaster ride it has been. Two novices with zero travel experience started exploring the country on a motorcycle. Met with a major accident on the first day of the ride, almost gave up traveling, met a stranger couple, gained hope and learned the meaning of traveling and did not look back since then.

In one and half years of purchasing a motorcycle and then learning how to ride a motorcycle, we took a 15 days motorcycle trip to Ladakh. It looked a lot easier while planning but the actual experience was altogether a different level. But we did it! Despite all the challenges and limitations, despite the excess load and limited experience, despite more snow and less oxygen & cash in hand!

This video(essentially a compilation of selected photographs) is a simple recollection of our early days of learning and coming out of our comfort zone. Me, behind the camera and then partner in crime Shivani (now wife).

This made us what we are today:

More will follow soon ...

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