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Show or Hide measures using Slicer: Power BI

Using slicers, we can control the measure to display in a visual:

Unlike the method explained in the previous article, this method enables multiple selections of measures.

Let us see how to set this up.

Step 1: Creating a table for slicer

Like the previous article, we add a disconnected table in the model with the list of all the required measures

The name of the table in this example is Measure Selection Table

Step 2: Add a slicer on the page

Add a slicer on the page and use the column Measure from the table created in the previous step:

Step 3: Modify the existing measures

Original measures:

 % Orders Returned = 
  DIVIDE([Returned Orders],[Total Orders])
 % Sales Refund = 
  DIVIDE([Returned Sales Amount],[Sales Amount])

For this exercise, we need to modify the above measures using IF and CONTAINS

 % Orders Returned = 
  CONTAINS('Measure Selection Table','Measure Selection Table'[Index],2),
  DIVIDE([Returned Orders],[Total Orders])

In simple English, we are telling Power BI to run the calculation of % Order Returns, IF the slicer selection is Order Returned (corresponding Index row value = 2).


CONTAINS DAX returns true if values for all referred columns exist, or are contained, in those columns; otherwise, the function returns false.


It has 3 required arguments: Table name, Column name, and the corresponding value.

For example, in the following formula, we are asking DAX to check in the table Measure Selection Table check for value 2 in the Index column.

CONTAINS('Measure Selection Table’, ‘Measure Selection Table'[Index],2)

Modify the other measures accordingly:

 % Sales Refund = 
   CONTAINS('Measure Selection Table','Measure Selection    Table'[Index],3),
   DIVIDE([Returned Sales Amount],[Sales Amount])
 Margin % = 
 VAR _SalesAmt = 
  SUMX(dtOrders,dtOrders[Unit Price] * dtOrders[Order Quantity])
 VAR _TotalCost = 
  SUMX(dtOrders,dtOrders[Unit Cost] * dtOrders[Order Quantity])
 VAR _Margin = 
  _SalesAmt - _TotalCost
 VAR _MarginPrcnt = 
  DIVIDE(_Margin, _TotalCost)
 VAR _Show = 
  CONTAINS('Measure Selection Table','Measure Selection Table'[Index],1),

Step 4: Use the above-created measures in the visual

And that is it!


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